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Traveling is an attitude to life, and participating in the local culture is a way to do the same with the locals. It is the happiness of traveling to go to the place you have always wanted to go. SKYUPPER provides special country trips to experience the local culture and live and do things with local people. There will never be shopping in the itinerary of travel activities, not just looking at flowers, and there are more places to go than general travel agencies. Real travel is to feel happiness and learn about the local culture during the journey.

Travel activities that one person can join and depart at any time
Not a tour group, no need to wait for a group.

We are not providing you an itinerary with food and lodging! What we have designed for you is an in-depth travel activity, you no longer need to have people you don't know sign up to start a group! You can also participate in travel activities alone and enjoy a real travel mood.
SKYUPPER Why travel is only known to me! Travel makes we understand what it means. The beauty, pain, splendor, sorrow, etc. experienced in the industry will be imprinted on us..

Our travel event masters and travel services.

Travel photographer

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We have professional travel photographers to leave you the most beautiful travel records.

Tour guide

The guide who is most familiar with the local area you are going to travel to ensure that your journey is good.

Local guide

With you into the local culture and experience must-see and must-do activities.

Self-driving travel

A self-driving free walk, do whatever you want.

Local travel agency

Integrate local travel agencies to provide the fastest service and in-depth itinerary.

Air Tickets and Hotels

Air tickets necessary for travel, and carefully selected the best hotels.

In-depth travel and itinerary

The travel activities we provide are a way of life. Take you to go deep into the local culture, experience nature in the mountains and forests of the fairyland on earth, let you know more friends who like to travel. Our aim is: to see the world in the same way, and to be in the world in a different way Travel everywhere.

SKYUPPER  , what you care about is whether your first super trip is full of rewards, whether you feel happiness in this trip, and the moving memories during the trip. Whether you are traveling alone or as a group, there should be endless memories.

SKYUPPER  , you can sign up for the various travel activities itineraries of. We will arrange for you to go with travelers from different countries, don't worry about the problem of not forming a group, we provide many solo travelers to participate in the itinerary as they want.

Customize tour for you

You may want to get married, you may want to surprise the person you love the most, you may return to the place you have been there for the first time, or you may miss someone, and you may want to return to the place you missed. SKYUPPER will keep secrets for you and plan your travel itinerary exactly what you want. SKYUPPER is willing to move with you.

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